Your favorite children's book author

Imagine the Cosby Show meets the Partridge Family (go ask your parents).
The Star of the video is 10 year old super soulful Wrayne Simmons. She has an amazing voice, she's cute as a whole bag of buttons, and she's an old soul. The Booker Boys? Eh, three of my boys. No biggie. Just kidding. They are stars in my house. Love those guys. Thanks for the five years of love and support, Ruby fans.

Much love,

"When I see Ezra, lost in a world of pages, I can still see that little boy in that little house on 54th and College, scouring through encyclopedias by a flashlight hanging in the closet. Hopefully, a child will meet me and say to themselves, “You know what, it’s possible. I can become an author! I’ve met, and have seen with my very own eyes, a living, breathing author. It’s definitely possible for me. It most certainly is."

Check out the outstanding article of Author Derrick Barnes and his beautiful fam in Ebony Magazine/ Big ups to Joicelyn Dingle.

Please swing by the utmost authority on the parenting of beautiful Brown and Black children in America, one of my favorite websites in the world----Denene Millner's
 My Brown Baby .

And I'm not just saying that because I am a columnist for the site...but while you're over there you might as well take a little time to read my latest column or the whole archived editions of My Four Sons; my musings and tales of raising four beautiful Black boys/young men.
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